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About MMI Services

The Birth of MMI Services LLC.

MMI Services LLC. was formed on February 2nd 2016 in Blaine Minnesota by it's founder Steve Fowler. MMI Services LLC. Is a very diverse company that was originally formed to represent automotive aftermarket companies and aid them in the sales of their products to retail distributors. Since it's inception MMI Services LLC. has branched out to include it's own product lines and to provide specialty automotive repair and maintenance services to select customers.

One of Our Products

MMI Services LLC. has a few of its own products for the automotive aftermarket that we are proud of. One of these products is our stainless steel exhaust tip kit for  G.M. half ton Pickup Trucks equipped with the 4.8 or 5.3 liter V/8 engines. Made of highly polished 304 stainless steel, these kits come with your choice of angle cut or straight cut tip along with a stainless steel EasySeal clamp. They are designed to slide right over the existing G.M. tailpipe for ease of installation by the truck owner or their mechanic. They can be purchased through this website by simply leaving your contact info below or from our E-BAY store.

How can MMI Services help you?

MMI Services can handle a lot of your automotive needs. From oil changes, brake jobs, complete clean ups to light auto body touch ups. We also do specialty welding and small engine repair. Automotive art is another thing we dabble in. We can make auto parts based trophies for your next car show or distributor lamps for your office. contact us to ask about all of our services!

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